My Avon Story

My Avon Story began on December 29, 2010 when a coworker who was an Avon Representative shared the Avon Opportunity with me. I agreed to sign up because I wanted to get the discounts associated with it. It wasn’t until Campaign 22 of the following year that I actually became a Unit Leader, and that experience happened out of the blue. One of my customers asked me about selling Avon and would it help me if she did. I had to talk to the lady that signed me up because I didn’t know enough about it then to answer her questions. Well, yes someone signing up under you is a BIG plus for you and them. Long story short, she joined me and by the next campaign I had a team of 5 ladies. This was the ground work for my new business and I have been contributing to it ever since….not as diligently as I should have or I would have a lot more team members than I do today.
My length of association with Avon is 102 campaigns, I have never missed placing an order, nor have I been late on making my payment. I love doing what I do….I love the challenge of it, I love the successes of it, and I most love being able to share with other women and a few good men that THIS IS POSSIBLE…it is hard work, you cannot let up working on it because it will dwindle before your eyes.
I have and still am trying to find what works best to attract customers and new recruits. I encourage all those reading this that are already representatives, DO NOT GIVE UP, if you have a strong enough reason for doing this then you will be good at it. Your WHY will be the biggest thing that keeps you going. Yes, there are days I say to myself, I’m just going to give this up….I can’t get it to work….I can’t find recruits….etc. But, I haven’t stopped because I can’t, my want to is bigger than my don’t want to. So as for now…I’m gonna keep stepping and climbing, and stepping and climbing. It doesn’t not and will not happen over night, but it can happen.
If you are interested in becoming an Avon Representative contact me today or go online to and use reference code: janaelliott this will connect us and allow me to mentor you. Hope to see you on the climb.

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